About Charlie

Wild Wasabi

Bay Standardbred Gelding born 5/8/2004

Angus Hall x China Lady (by Speedy Crown)

Charlie the Standardbred

I adopted Charlie through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation in November of 2017.  They had had a sudden surge in Standardbreds coming through auction and headed to slaughter in PA.  Charlie had over 30 horses in his group!  I didn’t know anything about Charlie besides his name, race record, and one shoddy picture, but my gut told me I should help this horse.  SRF was in desperate need of homes, so I submitted an adoption application and was approved!

Charlie arrived home in IL right before Christmas.  He looked… rough.  The middle quarter or so of his mane was rubbed out, his forelock and bridle path had been shaved but were overgrown, some random patches on his neck had been shaved, and his tail had been chopped off above his hocks.  He was skinny to boot!

Charlie won $12,427 in his racing career, which seems to have mostly been when he was a youngster.  After that, I believe he headed to the Amish.  When I got him, he had road shoes on the front (the back shoes are pulled on horses headed to slaughter).

My goal for Charlie is for him to become a decent riding horse, even if it’s just moseying around the fields.