About Simon

Ragin’ Cajun

Chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse gelding born 3/6/2001

Gen’s Way-High Willie x The Wild Thing (by Knight Bummer)

I bought Simon in the late winter of 2011.  He was a padded performance horse down in Tennessee.  I kept him as a padded horse for a couple years but only showed him once before my interest in horses suddenly started to plummet.

I kept the old man as a retired pasture ornament because he was the best dang horse I’d ever thrown a leg over — motored-up but manageable, a freight train even a little child could ride.

When I moved him to my parents’ farm in the summer of 2017, I became his primary caretaker and realized that it was the day-to-day details of horse ownership that I loved so much.  I’d been missing them as a boarder and being in charge of them again reignited my love of horses.

I started Simon back to work slowly until we were able to take up riding through the fields in late fall of 2017.  Simon has been a show horse all his life, and while he’s game to try new things, he naturally defaults to his old stand-by.

My goals for him are to keep him happy and healthy and to get to enjoy him however he does best — trail, rail, show, or pasture puff!