Know When to Hold ‘Em

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It’s officially my least favorite time of the year…


Everything is soggy, mucky, and slippery.  It snows, then it warms up and melts, then it rains, then it freezes at night and then melts the next day while its raining, etcetera.

That snow and grass has since been replaced with even more mud.

Life sans indoor arena means walking the razors edge of keeping the horses inside or letting them out in the pasture.

Turning them out is nice because it means not having to clean stalls twice.  However, it also means that they’re slip-sliding around like Bambi on ice.  Oh yeah, and tearing the everloving hell out of the pasture.

I’m pretty sure I could set Charlie’s blanket on the ground and it would just stand up on its own, the thorough coating of mud and water acting as a type of plaster shell.

Keeping them inside is nice because at least I know the odds of great bodily harm is somewhat diminished.  The downside is that after being cooped up in a stall, you know what they look like when they do go out?  Bambi on ice… if Bambi had done several tequila shots right before hitting that frozen pond.

So the decision involves choosing the lesser of two evils.  I’ve got no formal process for it — I generally just trust my gut and keep my fingers crossed that nobody does something stupid and breaks a leg (that’s a constant in horse ownership, to be honest).


2 Replies to “Know When to Hold ‘Em”

  1. I’m in the same exact boat. And I worry everyday about turnout. I’m like you and I go with my gut. So some days I might put one horse out, but the next day if something seems off to me, I leave them in. Better safe, than sorry.

    • Absolutely! If I could trust them to make good decisions, I’d be a little more lenient, but their record of making bad decisions is pretty impressive so they get house arrest fairly frequently. 😀

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